Turning 18 in California

When you turn 18 you are now legally considered an adult, which in turn means you are given more freedom. You are now able to open your own bank account, and apply for loans. You can even get married without consent from your legal guardian, and also be sued and sue someone. At 18 you can buy and sell real-estate, or see many of the local 18+ comedy shows. You are now allowed to join the military and vote for local, state and federal elections. You also can be subject to more serious legal consequences. You no longer have a curfew, and you can get a tattoo or piercing on your own. Extreme sports are now an option as you can skydive and bungee jump! When you turn 18 you can celebrate by buying fireworks. There are a lot of fun activities that are 18 plus in the Conejo valley, check them out!

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