Our Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles Rams

June 13th was the first day of the Rams three day minicamp at California Lutheran University. During the minicamp, all of the players stay there, provided with housing and plenty food. At the camp the players practice and go through films with the coaches. The Rams have a busy summer ahead of them, whether it be practice or giving back to the community. The Rams do numerous activities to give back to the community, such as a community improvement project in which the Rams built a playground for Figueroa Street Elementary school, a public school in the Los Angeles school district. The Rams also hold a charity luncheon where they raise money towards the Rams community outreach initiatives. The Rams granted the Los Angeles unified school district with $20,000 and raised $200,000 for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, resulting in over 800,000 meals. Hopefully the next awesome thing that they bring to the community is a championship!

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